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EnAble India’s Computer Trainer Certification aims to enable trainers impart quality computer education to visually impaired candidates. This course equips trainers with proven teaching methods/aids and boosts their confidence to train other candidates. These certified trainers can then start training in their respective regions, thus enabling many visually impaired candidates in that region.
This course has two semesters. One semester has three parts. This course is the first part of Semester 1.
Trainer Certification Course (Part 1) has course material for 4 weeks.
Trainer Certification Course (Part 1) will take 30 days to finish. Course is open for 40 days.

Practical Usage of Computers
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Desktop
  • Taskbar
  • Application Menu
  • Start Menu
  • Editing
Assistive aids/technology usage by visually impaired
  • Entertainment
  • Daily Living Aids
  • Reading/Writing Aids
Understanding Visually Impaired Learners
  • Types of vision loss
  • Rehabilitation of persons with vision impairment
Reflection & Feedback
  • Reflection
  • Feedback