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Get ready for Job: Course pack for Visually Impaired


This course pack will help persons with vision impairment to build employability skills. This course pack consists of 6 courses.

Employability training aims to make a person employable. This primarily includes building the right skills and attitude for getting, staying and growing in a job. Core Employability Training which focuses on skills and attitude required for a person to be successful in a job – these are qualities common across job roles and sectors.


  • Role models with disability working
  • Know job and sector reality
  • Solutions used by persons with disability
  • Importance of mobility skills
  • How to build resume
  • How to answer questions in interview

 List of self-study courses in the pack

1. Jobs done by Visually Impaired

2. Know Job and Company Reality for Visually Impaired

3. Workplace Solutions used by Visually Impaired

4. Persons with vision impairment moving around independently

5. How to Build A Resume for Visually Impaired

6. Interview Preparation for Visually Impaired